Thrifty Foods - Another store to watch out for in Courtenay is Thrifty's

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XL Foods beef recall expanded in B.C. - British Columbia - CBC News Oct 2012 – Thrifty Foods spokesman Ralf Mundel confirmed a label mix-up at one of its stores has resulted in some mislabelled roasts being recalled.

That is bad, but in Courtenay the way they have the customer service set up, is awful too. It never fails when you are using the interac pos machine there will be sometimes four or five clerks pushing through, coming in and out through that flip door they have, so they disrupt your rhythm or looking over your shoulder when you put your password in the machine.

I actually lost my wallet at that counter, cause of that confusion and the big blonde woman refused to look in the secure room for me, and I was almost in tears before the manager went in to look, and there was, with my $40 dollars missing. That is when I through out my points card, to limit the confusion I get at that desk.

They wonder why people are not shopping downtown? Everything is so slow, beside the rudeness they show to people and getting harassed, they are so slow.

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